Domain: Sensors & Controllers

IXDen introduces a novel software-based approach to OT systems protection, covering Industrial IoT cybersecurity and sensor data integrity. Leveraging patented ‘biometric’ IoT device identity and multifactor authentication, IXDen achieves the utmost sensor data integrity on a sensor level and provide at-the-source threat detection. IXDen leverages proprietary behavioral and mathematical algorithms, statistical analysis, Machine Learning and AI to model the behavior of various industrial physical systems, attaining deep understanding of the device data, software and hardware. The solution brings unrivaled data veracity and device security without any hardware or security keys stored on the device. IXDen presents to OT teams the system health grade, reflecting the sensor data reliability and the security level, enabling prediction of potential system misbehavior. The company is implementing its product in global critical infrastructures companies (Gas, Oil, Water, Power, HLS, Smart City and BMS).


Zion Harel

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Leonid Cooperman

Co-CEO & Co-Founder


Startup steps up to defend Israel’s water network against Iranian cyberattackers

IXDen uses ‘behavioral biometrics’ to protect critical systems against ransomware and hackers

Ensuring Trustworthiness of Industrial Devices

Industrial managers place a lot of trust in the proper operation of their control systems.  Failed or compromised industrial devices can lead to safety and environmental incidents.  Costly equipment could also be damaged and lead to extended operational disruptions.  These risks can’t be eliminated, but companies can do things to mitigate them.

IXDen Launches MFA Platform for IoT Devices

Israel’s IXDen is releasing a new software solution that will allow customers to protect a range of IoT devices with post-password authentication. Dubbed IXDen Smart Homes, the platform can be installed on virtually any smart device – including smart thermostats, smart routers, and smart cameras – securing them with multi-factor authentication that guards against cyberattacks and data theft.

How AI and ML can improve sensor integrity

The integrity of sensors and actuators is critical to the safe and profitable operations of industrial processes. However, the lack of visibility into the heath of those sensors and actuators makes it challenging to ensure their integrity.  Intentional actions (e.g., tampering, data manipulation, data injection, sensor replacement) and unintentional events (e.g., miscalibration, sensor drift) impact integrity.

NanoLock Security secures $11M Series B funding round

NanoLock Security, based at Nitzanei Oz, has embarked on an ambitious growth trajectory including a new Series B funding round, the acquisition of two new industry patents, and strategic partnerships and deployments around the world, the company announced Wednesday.